Tuesday, August 27, 2013

We Have an Orpington in the House

Yes, we have a new addition to the Suprinski Farm. Her name is Nugget and she is a Buff Orpington. This is a photo of her outside my scrap room waiting patiently to come inside. She wants to be where ever you are. I just love her. Kids are back in school and with that, the closing of my second tag swap is nearing. This has been a successful and really fun adventure. Thank you to my fellow scrappers, Carol, Donna, Jennifer, Adriana, Christine Erin and new commers Alice and Maria for continuing on. As the tags are coming in on this last week of the swap, I'm truly amazed at the level of creativity, you all inspire me for the next one. With that said, our next set of tags will be due to me on November 1st. Will will then pick it back up after the holidays with those being due on March 1st 2014. As many of you know, I'm looking forward to attending Mega Meet in 2014 in Novi, Michigan. I extend an invitation to all of you! The more the merrier. I look forward to posting our creations in the coming week. Congratulations, again, to Donna for being the recipient of a $25.00 gift certificate to Oh My Crafts for being the first swapper to turn in her tags to me! Whoo Hoo...

Friday, June 14, 2013

Game's Barn Decorations for Fair

A BIG THANK YOU!  To my friend Angie at the Shabby Scrapper in AG for making these adorable pig and 4-H clover decorations for Enzo and Game. I love, love them! She sells on ETSY. Check her out or stop by the store!

A Long Awaited Remodel of My Scrapbook Room

When Duain and I first purchased this home, I didn't not want to jump in and decorate my new scrap room. Simply, because I had no idea how I wanted it and was to worried about just making the move to even think about decorations, schemes, colors etc. Well, after almost six years it was time to do a make over. Thanks to my talented and very organized friend Paula, she brought my room into what I had always envisioned it to be. "A place of reflection of the things I have accomplished, and yet to conquer."  After four days of  paiting and two trips to Lowe's, I have a beautiful new room. I seem to be spending alot more time in there and cant wait to host a "Break it In" crop complete with wine and food. Here are some photos of the transformation. I still have a few odds and ends to finish up. Paula, you have been a blessing, thank you for my beautiful Scrap Rack Cover and matching Cricut Cover. Not to mention the countless hours you spent helping me over the last week. I truly appreciate our friendship. Last but not least, to Duain, my hubby, for the new paint and blinds and trusting Paula and I with colors and painting.

Second Thursday of the Month Class with Betty Guthrie

In order to keep me motivated and the creative juices flowing, I have joined a monthly scrap group at my friend Betty's home. We meet from 2-5 p.m. the second Thursday of the month and she helps us create beautiful projects and cards. I have really enjoyed participating and look forward to this time every month. Here is what we completed yesterday. I especially loved making the Happy Birthday card with the spinning/sliding wheel (Its two pennies stuck together).

1st Tag Swap Completed!

I'm very excited to report I have completed my first tag swap. All tags were mailed out this week and I could not be happier. I had 99% participation with only one flaker. I'm sooooo looking forward to doing the next one. Get busy creating. The next set of tags are due September 1st. I will email the group and see who wants to continue so I have a correct amount. Thank you to my 11 ladies who participaed. I did the tag which had the burlap and rose titled: LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH. I have to toot my own horn a little bit. I had made each rose out of vellum paper and spray dyed it. Now, for those who know me, this was way out of my comfort zone. I did feel proud of my accomplishement  and love the way they turned out. Each one was uniquely different. I truly loved the tags and was really excited to receive them. Here is a preview of what was submitted. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Miami Heat Bring Light to My Dark Week

Well tonight is a great night. My Heat defeated the Bulls to win the series and advance into the semi-finals. I really needed them to win and give me hope in the wake of a series of defeats this past week. My hubby is in the hospital battling Cellulitis in his leg and just discovered he has diabetes. My sons pig, Game, had to have a abscess lanced and now has a hurt leg. I have a close friend who is going through a rough patch also. So, this win tonight was my light at the end of a dark tunnel. I'm a huge LeBron James fan and tonight, he did not let me down. Whoo Hoo! Go Heat!

Now on a scrappin note.... Congratulations to Donna Vorachek, she was the first person in our swap to mail me her tags. She will be receiving a $25.00 gift certificate to Oh My Crafts.Com. Thanks Donna and I love the tags and goodies. I'm getting so excited to see them all. Don't forget to include the return postage.

Yours in Scrappin,


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tag Swap Sneak Peek...

Ok ladies in the tag swap. I'm so excited... I just had to share a sneak peek of the tag I'm creating. It's far from being completed. Enjoy the snip it!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Cute Paint Chips Idea

Ok so I came across this cute idea. You take your punches and punch out one of each color on the chips... you end up with many different colors that can be used on cards or to decorate gift bags. Simple to do and free! Now, dont everyone run out to Home Depot and Lowe's and empty out the samples... hee hee...

Monday, April 8, 2013

Welcome Spring Time Tag Swap Group!

Well Spring is definitely here. We have a new piggy my son Enzo is raising for our July Fair. He arrived on Friday. My allergic reaction began on Saturday. I'm home today waiting for medicine to take affect and being miserable for the time being. This is the reason for not posting our tag swap participants last night. I was in a Claritin D coma. Well, piggy's name is "Game" and weighs 93 pounds. By fair time, he will be the ripe ol' weight of 280 pounds. I love him already and cant wait to do his first scrapbook page!

Now on to the swap! Here is a list of our participants: Myself of course, Paula Dinh, Adriana Winfrey, Erin Taylor, Sena Woeste, Laura Pesenti, Carol Klink, Christine Slack, Gayle Valeros and her sister ( I need her name please), Donna Voracheck and Cassina Maynor. Yeah! I'm so happy and cant wait until June 1st. Remember, if you have any questions just ask. Thank you again to all who are participating and I look forward to seeing your creations.


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Whoo Hoo! Tag Swap Is Officially Closed!

Thank you so much to everyone who replied. I cant wait to get started. We are officially at 12 crafters. I'll send an update on participants and more info on Sunday night. Get crafting. My scrap sister Paula and I are "over achievers" and have already begun drafting out tags. Thank you again and its going to be a great experience. A few weeks ago, I was crafting at my friend Adriana's. My son has a Christmas Craft Fair in December at his school where all the elementary kids can come on one day and purchase homemade items for their families. Everything is $1.00. I have already began working on the items I'll be donating this year. Here is a little sneak preview. It's an idea I saw on You Tube. You take roofing flashing purchased at Lowe's and cover it with paper to make a magnetic message board. Clothes pins will be decorated and adhered to small magnets to hold photos etc. I loved the idea and thought it would be perfect for his craft fair. Here's to hoping the kids will love them to.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tag Swap Update & Blast From The Past!

"First Tag Swap Update"

Okay all. We have 10. We need ONE more! Go and get me one more! I'm so excited to get started on this little venture. A HUGE thank you to my scrappin soul mate Paula who recruited for me. We have a really talented and blessed group of scrappers. I just wanted to let you know that Sunday, I'll announce the group and then you can begin crafting. Last night I was diligently going through and organizing my photos when I came across this picture of me and my dear friend Sena. We attended GASC in Texas two years ago. My how time flies. In 2012, Paula and I braved Mall of America in Minnesota and attended ScrapFest. My goal is to attend one HUGE event each year. This year however, is a little crazy so I'll be staying local in California. BUT, watch out! 2014 is going to be the best yet. Plans are underway to attend MEGA MEET in Novi, Michigan. Save your pennies, recycle those aluminum cans, hold garage sales etc.... whatever you have to do to save now. I would love to have you all attend with me. Its Mother's Day Weekend in 2014. Thank you again for all who have signed up for our first tag swap. I'm excited and humbled to have you as scrappin family.

Yours in Scrapping,


Thursday, March 28, 2013

First "Gonna Give it A Try" Quarterly Tag Swap

I've been wanting to do one of these for quite some time now. I'm just gonna "Go For It" and see what happens! This swap will run each quarter. The first one beginning June 1st, 2013, September 2013, December 2013 and ending March, 2014. 

To join: email me at agscrapbooker@suprinski.com and let me know you want to participate in the June 1st swap. (No flakers!) If your going to commit, I expect you to see it through! It would not be fair to have flakers... So, with that said, once I recieve your email, and you get a response back from me that you're  "In", GET TO CRAFTING! I'm going to start out small this first time around and open the swap to the first 11 people ( I will be #12) who respond via email. Listed below are the details.

Swap Instructions:

1. For your main tag, please dont use anything smaller than the standard #8 shippping tags (6-1/4 x 3-1/8 approx). You can go larger if you would like. You can create any shape as long as you stay within the approximate measurements.

2. The back of the tag must be covered with paper etc. for a stronger tag. If you make your tag with chipboard, the tag does not need to be covered.

3. Create 12 tags. All 12 tags will be the same.

4. Send me all 12 tags. I will send one of your own back for a total of 12 tags you will be receiving. (11 from the others in the swap they have created).

5. Add your name, blog and or You Tube if you have one on the back of each tag. Add the State in which you live in. You can use mailing lables for this if you choose to the info can be put on a piece of paper or in a little pocket so long as its on the back of each tag.

What Can You Put On Your Tags?

Your tags must include at least 4 of the following: Lace, trims, ribbon (must be on the tag and not just through the hole at the top of the tag), charms, metal finishings, beads, something grungy or any type of technique, flowers and leaves, punch outs, die cuts, sentiments, bling, paint, stickles, patterned paers, decorated tape, buttons, die cuts from any die cutting system, computer images, stickpins, collage etc. You can even stamp an image on your tags. but they still must be decorated with at least four embellishments, or three embellishments and one technique. You can You Tube tag swaps and see many examples. The theme is up to you.

How Will The Tags Be Returned To You?

You will mail me all 12 tags you have completed. I will email you my mailing address before the due date of June 1st. You will also include with your tags $6.00. This will cover the postage to send all your "new" tags back to you via a legal sized flat rate envelope from the post office. This $6.00 includes a 70 cent fee for tracking packages I mail to you. I'm not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged pakages I receive from you or mail out to you. All tags from the swap will be sent out immediately after I received them from everyone. I'm hoping no later than the 5th of the month (June). Its important for everyone to mail them before the 1st. Should I receive them earlier, I'll be glad to mail them out earlier.

My good friend Paula, has participated in many of these swaps and she has received the most beautifual and creative tags back in return. I think its something that would be of great fun and low key scrapbooking that appeals to any level of scrapbooking or card making. The tags you will receive back can be used as gift tags, on scrapbook pages etc. I hope to grow the participation in the coming months and pull off a fun and successful swap. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions. The most important thing is to not feel intimidated, have fun, be creative and most importanly receive in exchange for your dedication and craftiness, 11 other tags (and one of your own) for your personal enjoyment. Last but not least, please dont sign up if you dont feel you will be able to commit fully your participation. 11 other participants are dependng on you! Good Luck, Keep Calm and Craft On!