Thursday, April 4, 2013

Whoo Hoo! Tag Swap Is Officially Closed!

Thank you so much to everyone who replied. I cant wait to get started. We are officially at 12 crafters. I'll send an update on participants and more info on Sunday night. Get crafting. My scrap sister Paula and I are "over achievers" and have already begun drafting out tags. Thank you again and its going to be a great experience. A few weeks ago, I was crafting at my friend Adriana's. My son has a Christmas Craft Fair in December at his school where all the elementary kids can come on one day and purchase homemade items for their families. Everything is $1.00. I have already began working on the items I'll be donating this year. Here is a little sneak preview. It's an idea I saw on You Tube. You take roofing flashing purchased at Lowe's and cover it with paper to make a magnetic message board. Clothes pins will be decorated and adhered to small magnets to hold photos etc. I loved the idea and thought it would be perfect for his craft fair. Here's to hoping the kids will love them to.


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  1. I am so Scrap Lifting this......bahwahaha. You may get one for your birthday :)